The strangest red poppy news cycle ever

It’s no longer about stolen boxes

Questions surrounding a Post Millennial report on one student’s opposition to rainbow poppies at Stonewall high school, north of Winnipeg, brought things closer to the truth: the 17-year-old cousin of a recently unsuccessful Conservative candidate was allegedly suspended for a printed page objecting to what she wasn’t asked to do.

Remember in a time of Fortnite

The red poppy campaign has moved into places where young people might find it: “Remembrance Island” was launched for the Fortnite video game, from builders who worked with the Royal Canadian Legion as part of making moments of silence digital.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is welcomed back to Bell Media. But the Canadian Press couldn’t get Rogers to match its commitment to return the backlash-bruised ditty to Christmas radio playlists. CBC already flip-flopped on a decision last year surrounding the song, which now has a rewritten remake sung by Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

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An emissary of ‘OK boomer’

Raina Douris started her job as the host of World Cafe, originating from WXPN Philadelphia and syndicated via NPR, a role that found one former CBC Music host replacing another. The overall audience for the daily show isn’t as young as she is:

William Shatner is glad to be called a boomer. “Sweetheart, that’s a compliment for me,” the account of the former Loblaws pitchman shot back at shade for just another patronizing tweet in his 88-year-old name. (But he was once on the cover of Zoomer.)

The evolution of the note tweet

Devon Travis, the Toronto Blue Jays second baseman who elected to become a free agent rather than get sent to the minor leagues, after sitting out a season due to injury, said goodbye to the city. While tweets containing blocks of text frequently denote a public relations crisis, Travis showed how a friendlier message comes off better in penmanship: