The story of the week ends with this email

Six strings from a summertime Friday

Ottawa city councillors displeased with a proposed addition to the Château Laurier have likely lost their lost their ability to stop it. But critics say their fight is not over: they’ve now enlisted Tom Green, who compares the augmentation to Donald Trump’s wall.

Roxodus stories keep on rolling

The organizers of Roxodus are now under investigation for alleged environmental damage, committed prior to their decision to blame heavy rain for the festival’s cancellation. Meanwhile, a Facebook group of spurned ticket buyers led to a meetup dubbed “Roxobust.”

Justin Trudeau says it’s either him or Andrew Scheer. The PM was lamenting Ontario education cuts while speaking to teachers. As for the other federal party leader options: Jagmeet Singh wants to have a national cycling strategy, while Elizabeth May is getting an election war room run by Warren Kinsella.

Sundown for a tabloid staple

Cathy Smith, who Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about, and whose links to the death of John Belushi were revealed by the National Enquirer, is back in some familiar pages:

Maxwell Miller dead at 93. The past president of the Ontario Association of Architects designed the Simpsons and Sears department stores—along with the former Sears Canada head office, which retains its unusual shape.

Finally, no shortage of orange

Hawkins Cheezies closed down its Belleville, Ontario plant after a fire that started in an industrial fryer. But the company is sure that Canada won’t lack for orange fingers: