The sort of September we may not remember

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Ontario started easing capacity limits in settings that require proof of vaccination, but it was a mask-defying crowd trying to enter the Toronto Eaton Centre that supplied the footage for these times. Another scene played out at a restaurant in London, but it’s entirely possible that certain protesters are more vaccinated than they claim to be.

Representation by notes application

Newly elected Kevin Vuong plans to do the job that a downtown Toronto riding voted him in to do, despite the prior Spadina–Fort York MP Adam Vaughan trying to coax a resignation. The denouncement only came after Vuong won despite being dumped by the Liberals, following the revelation of a sexual assault charge that was dropped.

I just don’t have the heart for it.” Annamie Paul’s immediate resignation as federal Green leader comes one week short of a year after winning the race to replace Elizabeth May—during which Paul unsuccessfully tried two times to win Toronto Centre, as the party’s vote dried up.

The strange spin from Beijing

Meng Wanzhou got a red-carpet welcome in China after three years under house arrest in Vancouver, which ended after U.S. and Canadian prosecutors made a deal. Released in turn, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor had Justin Trudeau greet them in Calgary, leaving Chinese state media to claim this wasn’t a case of hostage diplomacy:

Hudson’s Bay got its best press in a while for putting Zellers signs around some low-end merchandise. The future of the department store may be unclear, but HBC reviving the discount brand for a “pop-up” in Burlington, Ontario, sparked much online nostalgia. But the experience of visiting micro-Zellers didn’t match expectations.

Finally, five long years of JBP

Jordan Peterson is scheduled to visit the University of Cambridge, the British school that rescinded his fellowship in March 2019. This week also marks a full half-decade since JBP became a celebrity via “Professor Against Political Correctness,” a YouTube video now gone from his account. But there’s much evidence of what happened next: