The signs of a street now being noticed

Toronto will investigate a renaming

Toronto city hall is going to form a working group to examine the renaming of streets, prompted by a petition to consider the pro-slavery ways of Henry Dundas. It coincides with a renewed call to remove the statue of Egerton Ryerson at his namesake university in Toronto and to take down John A. Macdonald’s monument in Montreal.

What the CRTC isn’t watching

Peter Dahlin, of the human rights group China Action, was confined and forced to read a confession script in 2016 on Chinese state media channel CCTV-4. When he complained to the CRTC about the continued airing of such abusive content, Canada’s broadcast regulator pleaded powerless, even though they once promised to monitor it.

Foreign Affairs Minister has two mortgages with state-run Bank of China.” The scoop from the Globe and Mail outlines how François-Philippe Champagne bought two apartments in London, England, with funds floated via Beijing. Champagne says he disclosed it to the ethics commissioner before his globetrotting appointment.

The right side of arguments

Conservative leadership frontrunners Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole found common ground in calling for an end to the ban on blood donations from gay and trans people. Meanwhile, rival candidate Leslyn Lewis alluded to This Hour Has 22 Minutes tweeting about how the party appears to be “getting paler,” with a defence of its appeal:

Sasha Exeter vents about how Jessica Mulroney reacted to her fighting racism via Instagram. The battle of the Toronto influencers seems to surround a clash over the appropriate ways to speak out. Exeter explained her side in a 12-minute video. Last week, Mulroney said she was taking a social media break for “listening and learning.”

Finally, defund Adventure Bay

Paw Patrol was previously criticized by a criminology professor for encouraging kids to embrace capitalism—but that was four long months ago. Now, the Canadian cartoon is being referenced in the movement to remove unimpeachable portrayals of police from TV. Social media feeds for the show have yet to resume after reactions to this: