The reopening won’t be too wild out west

Pandemic plans keeping it provincial

British Columbia health officials approved gatherings of up to six people on the path to a more measured reboot than Quebec, while Ontario rejected a request for regional autonomy. But the prior rebuke by Doug Ford to cautious cottage country mayors was moderated—he now says city dwellers should stay put, as restrictions slowly lift.

The new urban hinterlands

The city of Toronto erected barricades to protect a family of foxes, but the protection wasn’t enough for the humans along the Woodbine Beach boardwalk who were filmed in an agitated argument involving a dog. Meanwhile, three men filmed skateboarding on a Gardiner Expressway off-ramp in a quiet early night light have been fined $110 each.

Where the story of Sidewalk Toronto ends. Dan Doctoroff, who headed Alphabet’s ambition to turn the eastern downtown waterfront into a Google-adjacent tech utopia, announced Sidewalk Labs is pulling out of the project due to economic uncertainties. After about 30 months of debates, the critics have declared victory.

The unclear future of eating out

Restaurants Canada is calling for more government assistance for eateries facing a summer of reduced seating after the lockdown lifts. But some restaurateurs are also fighting back against insurance companies that rejected their claims. On top of it all, there’s further backlash against big meal delivery apps over how much they bite:

Nevin Grant dead at 80. As the program director of Hamilton’s once eclectic top 40 radio station, which he joined in 1966, Grant steered its transition to oldies in 1992. After retiring, he wrote a book about finding those hits. The influence of 1150 CKOC was behind his impending induction into the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

Finally, the Drizzy discourse

Dark Lane Demo Tapes has brought on a critical consensus of wondering how much longer anyone will be compelled to pay attention to Drake—that is, if he isn’t already sick of himself. The condition is reflected in the popularity of this contemplation: