The quirk keeping little kids in quarantine

A direction that’s going up to 11

The conditions for lifting quarantine restrictions for double-jabbed Canadians returning home sounded all right until it was pointed out that kids too young to get vaccinated don’t apply for exemption. Plus, the Montreal-based International Air Transport Association is asking the government to explain why non-Canadians are being treated differently here.

Morning broke up the tents

Toronto police and city crews enforced trespassing notices at Trinity Bellwoods Park, as their concerns grew over encampments being occupied with more structures than people. The city recently estimated 400 individuals still sleeping in parks and rights of way after 1,600 were referred indoors amid pandemic challenges.

The rapper who’s remained on the lam on Instagram. Hassan Ali has been under warrant for first-degree murder in Toronto—related to a fatal shooting in January—while continuing to check in with fans who know him as Top5. Though his latest post tagged his location as Vaughan, Ontario, police believe Ali has travelled to Western Canada.

Water on the smoke of C-10

A late-night session allowed Parliament to pass Bill C-10 with provisions to regulate aspects of social media and streaming services—but an election call is likely to prevent it from reaching the senate. Nonetheless, the process provided a TikTok-worthy moment as Conservative MP Scot Davidson was caught voting no on a boat:

Morris Manning dead at 80. The lawyer was best known for representing Dr. Henry Morgentaler toward the decision that repealed Canada’s criminal abortion laws. Manning was also successfully sued for libel after losing a case on behalf of the Church of Scientology in Toronto, but he later won the Brass Rail the right to have lap dancing.

Finally, seeking less vanilla ice

Timbaland has accepted the challenge of bringing hip hop to hockey through Beatclub, a new company from the producer who recently brought his Verzuz battle platform to Peleton. The music game for the Stanley Cup playoffs was raised by getting rapper Bia to rewrite “Skate,” as part of trying to make the NHL sound more like the NBA: