The postman’s retirement rang an alarm

Another day of blurred photo faces

A party for a departing Canada Post worker led to a whistle being blown by a colleague who witnessed the revelry in Mississauga, which has resulted in reprimands. Meanwhile, a new Maru public opinion survey that asked about buffets and birthday cakes shows Canadians feeling everything will get worse before it gets better.

The calculations of Bill C-10

Liberal MPs are now making memes on the defensive about the details of Bill C-10, responding to Conservatives leading the resistance against a now-removed proposal to add user-generated content to broadcasting law. But the amendment would still force the platforms to abide by regulations that Canadian media corporations were lobbying for all along.

Cineplex sold 415,000 tickets in the first three months of 2021. Due to lockdowns that decreased quarterly patronage by 96 per cent, box office revenues of $3.8 million were about equal to what the theatre chain took in from food delivery. The comeback ambitions of Cineplex include a deal with Torstar to publish its promotional magazine.

One more 20-minute workout

Attempts to replicate the New York Times’ success with a Canadian answer to The Daily led to names from The Big Story to Front Burner to This Matters, all of which outlasted Wait, There’s More. The host of that cancelled Global News podcast, Tamara Khandaker, was recruited to host the Globe and Mail’s attempt to enter this genre:

The battle of the podcasts about QuadrigaCX. Exit Scam is a new serial in which seasoned crypto podcaster Aaron Lammer promises new details about Gerald Cotten, whose strange death spelled the end of his using Bitcoin to run a Ponzi scheme. The series will get a two-week head start on the CBC’s similar Death in Cryptoland.

Finally, questioning the asks

Eric Alper perfected a style of social media posting that inspired a recent dissection of his mostly musical enthusiasms, which can now be purchased in the form of a $5 video message via Cameo. The continued repetition of questions might bewilder some Twitter users, but @ThatEricAlper also tapped into something worthy of whatever: