The post-millennial defence of Joe Rogan

We all live on campus these days

Praise of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast published by the Globe and Mail gave 19-year-old Rav Arora his own taste of Canadian cancel culture. (The show has been the centre of tensions amid Rogan’s $100-million deal with Spotify.) A professor at Arora’s school, Fraser Valley University, contributed to the pile-on before deleting her tweet.

Quibi could never do it better

One co-host of The Social evidently subtweeted in response to an Instagram comment from Jessica Mulroney about how the women of that CTV talk show “will get what’s coming.” Another recent posting by the cancelled Mulroney alluded to betrayals likely related to how she was treated by peers after her historic social media scrap.

But freedom of expression is not without limits.” Justin Trudeau took a different approach from Emmanuel Macron in his comments about recent deadly violence in France, connected to caricatures of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, a Prince George, B.C., student got in trouble for a Halloween tribute to blackface Trudeau.

We aren’t finished with this

Winding down its Canadian operations stands to net $25 million for We Charity. And while Bill Morneau was cleared regarding one part of his ethics probe, the now former politician says he was thinking of leaving before this debacle. The story also returned to newspapers through advertising from the charitable backers despairing We’s closure:

Bobby Orr is sticking up for Donald Trump. The hockey legend’s full-page political endorsement ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader did its part to disappoint lifelong fans of No. 4, who was born in Parry Sound, Ontario. From the opposite direction comes the West End Phoenix roundup of U.S. election feelings from expats in Toronto.

Finally, undermining never ends

Kenny and Spenny had their reunion tour rudely interrupted by the pandemic, which prevented them from settling more scores related to their now long since ended TV show. But a 25-minute update on their lives will start streaming via CBC Gem on November 20. Paldemic now has a trailer that’s one-fifth the duration of the special: