The people telling Andrew Scheer to leave

Even if he isn’t willing to listen yet

Canada needs a Conservative victory,” argues a new non-profit established by prominent party members who want Andrew Scheer to return to being a regular MP—and join a fresh leadership race if he must. But he’s shown no signal of heeding the suggestion and has now made Liberal floor-crosser Leona Alleslev his deputy leader.

Search engines are only human

After one Reddit posting highlighted that Google’s top search result photo for Scarborough was a partially collapsed home, sourced from a Global News story, Toronto politicians expressed more upset about it than any other concerns about Silicon Valley. Google then got attention for offsetting those hurt feelings with civic boosterism.

The alleged Toronto feces-thrower drew a big crowd to his bail hearing. Dozens of gawkers turned up at Old City Hall to see Samuel Opoku remanded into custody until an appearance set for next Tuesday. He was arrested over assaults near university libraries. The incidents have supplied Opoku with a sobriquet: “Peepeepoopoo Man.”

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Project Cactus is de-thorned

Following the CBC News story with new details on how his Daisy Group apparently worked on behalf of the Conservatives to portray the People’s Party as racist, Warren Kinsella reported a bomb threat. Meanwhile, Aziza Mohammed, the ex-staffer sued for $1 million over leaks, reached a settlement with Daisy, which was confirmed by her lawyer:

Gerald Regan dead at 91. The premier of Nova Scotia for most of the 1970s—between stints as a Liberal MP and federal cabinet minister—Regan spent most of the 1990s fighting accusations of past sexual crimes. (He was found not guilty on all charges.)

The sign needs a blanket now

Asbestos, Quebec, had a big miner strike in 1949, which is credited for initiating the Quiet Revolution. The town gradually thrived, until its insulating product became associated with health hazards. Changing the name has been discussed since before the last mine closed in 2012, but residents are now readying to not live in Asbestos: