The ongoing history of Roxodus ridiculousness

Aerosmith failed to bail this out

A woman who bought 20,000 pounds of potatoes, which she aspired to spiral on-site, is just one of those left feeling burned by the cancellation of Roxodus. Festival co-founder Mike Dunphy disputes the official line that rain caused the concert’s demise—chalking it up instead to “crappy ticket sales,” after the organizers spent a rumoured $18 million to book the likes of Aerosmith.

A premiere according to plan

Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford pushing back at organized enthusiasm for the anti-abortion flick Unplanned has led to Cineplex further defending its decision to book the movie. The downtown Toronto opening will presumably be met with a protest.

Do you really think when I walk down the street in Alberta, people worry about Dean French? Doug Ford did a joint news conference with other premiers at the Calgary Stampede, where he scolded reporters for inquiring about his former chief of staff.

Sidewalk suspicions spreading south

Alphabet’s smart-city proposal has cultivated some cautious optimism, and stoked some actual fans—but the case against it keeps gaining ground with tech skeptics:

Sebastian Bach sees a clock ticking quickly. As he gets ready for a solo American tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Skid Row’s debut album, the Peterborough native says he wants the band to reunite before he’s dead, even though “they fucking hate me.”

Finally, a $100,000 selfie haul

Kevin O’Leary remains the second most expensive celebrity on Cameo, where he charges $999 for each personalized shoutout. His nearly 100 selfie videos show that “Mr. Wonderful” is regularly recruited to talk up startups, or promote specific corporate initiatives—the sort of things that Caitlyn Jenner is less likely to get $2,500 for doing.