The night that Toronto sighed “Thanks Obama”

NBA Finals bring a celebrity sideshow

Barack Obama watched the Raptors lose Game 2 to the Golden State Warriors, whose injured star Kevin Durant inspired Drake to wear a meme. But the real courtside clout was chronicled in a Globe and Mail guide to the wealthy folks spotted in the front seats.

Thirsting for a faster six-pack

Ontario PC MPPs invaded convenience stores in order to snap selfies displaying how much better life would be if they could buy beer—a change that craft brewers consider a boon.

“Canadian genocide” is defined in the MMIWG report. The term is at the forefront of findings from the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. A supplementary report will explain the internal disagreements over calling it genocide.

The candid cameras without a word

The staying power of Just For Laughs: Gags has been something of a mystery for almost 20 years—enough time for writer Nick Zarzcyki to finally figure out what it takes to make it work:

Amazon is playing deeper to the cord-cutters. Canadians will be able to subscribe to some premium television channels facilitated through Amazon Prime, even though live news and sports remain out of this picture for now.

YouTube Space is going to float

Three years after opening a George Brown College facility for the kind of creators that its platform cultivated, YouTube determined that it’d rather run pop-up studios beyond Toronto:

Lauren Southern bids farewell to whatever it was she was doing. First hired by The Rebel at age 21, the YouTuber promptly engaged in misadventures that got her the kind of attention she claims to no longer crave.

Finally, a typically suburban chauffeur

Geddy Lee was booked for a Big Beautiful Book of Bass signing at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill, some distance from his Rosedale home. The journey involved Geddy getting a ride from Dave Grohl, who then entered a different SUV that drove away:

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