The new CPC deputy is already apologizing

Rhetoric not made for these times

“Have we asked anybody if they marched in a St. Patrick’s Day parade?” asked Conservative deputy leader Leona Alleslev in an interview with CBC Radio’s The House, over Andrew Scheer’s aversion to Pride. The mea culpa from Liberal floor-crosser Allesev stokes the speculation of Scheer taking a walk in the snow, and resigning as leader.

Stuck on the sport of retorts

Toronto Star sports writer Bruce Arthur threw his reflexive interjection into an ongoing debate about whether newer political advocacy outlets like Candice Malcolm’s True North can be considered journalism or not—and was rewarded with the wider perception that he called a woman trash. And so, this show might never stop.

Voortman Cookies is tying the knot with Twinkies. Hostess Brands considers the Canadian bakery to be its entree into “better-for-you sweet snacking.” The deal brings $425 million to Voortman, whose private-equity-backed ambitions led to a healthier upgrade, while it continues running a retail store at its HQ in Burlington, Ontario.

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An alt-weekly roll-up scheme

Toronto alt-weekly Now was bought by Media Central Corporation—which recently launched a cannabis portal while listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The sale was announced in a press release that details how the publication is losing about $78,500 a month. The conditional $2 million deal is also ending 38 independent years of Now:

Prince’s former home can be yours for $16,880,000. 61 The Bridle Path has followed the typical Toronto real estate trajectory: Prince and then-wife Manuela Testolini paid $5.5 million for it in 2001.

When you’ve already paid

Alanis Morissette’s 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill, spawned to a 10th anniversary acoustic remake, a 20th anniversary deluxe edition, and a current Broadway musical. Sure, she can always record new songs, but 2020 was bound to bring it all back to that: