The member of parliament was back from a jog

A flash of shame for this Will

The shares of a screenshot of him without clothes on gave Liberal MP Will Amos a moment only the pandemic could provide. His nude contribution to virtual parliament, flanked by Quebec and Canadian flags, met with amiable admonishment admitting his good shape. Regret from Amos failed to temper jokes about the honourable member.

The act of keeping receipts

Yasmin Ratansi employing her sister as a constituency assistant, which she tried covering up in different ways, led to her exiting the Liberal caucus amid more allegations. The latest is a lawsuit from another former assistant, whose claims were refuted by the now independent MP: Ratansi shared a nice departing note he wrote to her.

Careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you.” Jake Tapper tweeted this reply to filmmaker James Gunn, who felt CNN’s shaming of Canada’s vaccine rollout was fair, based on months of shooting Peacemaker in Vancouver. (One more day of this and Tapper will match his great-great-grandfather’s time as Winnipeg mayor.)

The least desired night ride

A photo of a Toronto bus packed with essential workers before dawn raised wide enough alarm for the TTC to say it’s considering more service along the route that replaces the Bloor–Danforth subway overnight. Meanwhile, the city eased its policy surrounding High Park cherry blossoms by fencing that section rather than closing the entire park again as they bloom:

Twitter avatar for @TorontoPFRCity of Toronto PFR @TorontoPFR
To encourage residents to stay home and stay safe, the @cityoftoronto will offer a 24-hour 4K #BloomCam of the blossoming trees in High Park. Torontonians will be able to experience #BloomAtHome during peak bloom, expected to occur in mid to late April. vector graphic of sakura (cherry) tree in bloom with the text: See the cherry blossoms online this year. #BloomAtHome

Reuters will be charging $34.99 a month for its website. The news division of Thomson Reuters unveiled its plan some eight years after Chrystia Freeland failed to launch a previous project. A story about the new Reuters editor-in-chief noted the Globe and Mail’s David Walmsley was considered for the job that went to Alessandra Galloni.

Finally, world’s greatest tuxedo

Team Canada unveiled its Tokyo Olympics uniform kit with Hudson’s Bay sometime last summer to minimal online reaction, as the original date for the Games was postponed. But the impending make-up led Ralph Lauren to show off Team USA’s closing ceremony wardrobe, which inspired comparisons to the Canadian department store’s idea of style: