The meal kit came with a container of water

Five stars worth of trolling here

The inclusion of a plastic thing filled with water in a meal kit was supposedly Mark McEwan’s way of showing a need for attention to detail and precision when cooking at home. It also fits with the Toronto chef speaking out against the effects of pandemic lockdowns on restaurants, over which he’s exchanged fire with Doug Ford.

The front of the hoarding line

Reserving enough doses to inoculate 154 million people has made Canada the enemy of a coalition of NGOs dubbed the People’s Vaccine Alliance. Now that approval for Pfizer has arrived, federal officials issued a timeline reflecting the plan to inoculate everyone by the end of 2021, with 125,000 people getting a first shot in December.

Two years of two Michaels staying detained. China used the occasion to say Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been “arrested, indicted, and tried” in the wake of rumours of swapping them for Meng Wanzhou. Meanwhile, documents revealed how Canada’s military cancelled exercises with China behind the back of Liberals.

The other news media lobby

Google Canada sent a letter to all Canadian MPs in response to the campaign by News Media Canada to get Ottawa to legislate payments for linking. But the lobby group of legacy newspaper publishers also doesn’t represent the range of modern publications, which is reflected in the group of others that have banded together as Press Forward:

A civil war is erupting over the soul of the CBC.” Linden MacIntyre, the retired host of The Fifth Estate, wrote a Globe and Mail op-ed boosting the campaign to cancel its paid content strategy. Tandem is now on the radar of the CRTC, as the broadcasting regulator is considering a request to look into it, which was signed by 35 former CBC employees.

Finally, how to stay on the air

Drex remains the radio name of Justin Wilcomes, an Australian expat who first made national news when he was fired after asking then B.C. premier Christy Clark how it feels to be a MILF. But he was hired elsewhere in Vancouver, and did a national night shift on Global News Radio, which he left to be a new morning recruit for Rogers: