The mask resistance has a leader in Letitia

Naked faces still getting a free ride

The protesters who boarded the Toronto subway without masks weren’t ticketed for their brief ride, and the TTC remains non-committal about repercussions for others who back Hugs Over Masks. Mothers Against Distance member Letitia Montana also scored a second wind of attention after her globally viral visit to the hospital.

The last shaming of Scheer

Social media photos of the outgoing Conservative leader without a mask while waiting for a flight in Toronto became news items. Andrew Scheer’s spokesperson said it was only removed to make a phone call, but fellow traveller and Manitoba premier Brian Pallister publicly regretted the error.

Reporting on We Charity means first hearing from its defamation lawyer. Brian Lilley had this experience when asking about We’s $43.7 million in real estate holdings for Postmedia, which publishes a column by We co-founder Craig Kielburger. The Globe and Mail has includes a disclaimer about its partnership with newly scrutinized We.

The troubling trail of thought

With more revelations, the portrait of the Manitoba military reservist charged in the Rideau Hall breach continues to shift. After court documents detailed the firearms he allegedly carried, Corey Hurren’s apparent online postings included QAnon conspiracy content. Now more about what he might’ve been thinking has come into public view:

The father of a suspect in the shooting death of a Liberian warlord is a Toronto cop. Trevor Gregory was charged with breach of trust related to the slaying of Bill Horace, which allegedly followed a home invasion by four men in London, Ontario. Wanted for second-degree murder, Trevor’s son Keiron Gregory remains at large.

Surfacing strange bedfellows

Margaret Atwood tweeted her support for the transgender community on the same day her name was on the open letter to Harper’s in support of free speech, alongside several criticized for not doing so. And then someone found Atwood once shared an article by accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell—and had a suspected interaction:

Fourth U of T prof resigns Massey College post.” Margaret McMillan exited her senior fellow position for a different reason than the others: a reaction to Margaret Wente’s similar status being reviewed by Massey in response to others resigning, before the former Globe and Mail columnist resigned.

Finally, I cancelled you, redo

Jessica Mulroney came up in yet another article from the U.K. Sun tabloid, about her agents taking meetings in Hollywood. Meghan Markle “has forsaken her most loyal friend just to look woke,” according to the unnamed source in a story then made into clickbait by Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair. But the Daily Mail foreshadows a plot twist: