The long weekend chatter preparedness kit

Soak these up ahead of Simcoe Day

Drake has a lot going on right now, but he also got action for his producer Matthew Samuels, a.k.a. Boi-1da, who was struggling to find the high-speed internet access required to share new beats. Pickering mayor David Ryan heeded Drake’s call, and will meet with Boi-1da soon.

A case against branded transit

A new Metrolinx mission to pursue sponsors for five GO Transit stations has a side of surveillance capitalism: potential sharing of “aggregated and anonymized” ridership data for research purposes, which the NDP is opposing on social media.

We walked into a buzzsaw.” Gerald Butts’s claim that Narendra Modi’s government was seeking to embarrass Justin Trudeau during his 2018 trip to India has generated headlines that are drawing attention to John Ivison’s book, Trudeau: The Education of a Prime Minister. It’s set for a bookstore battle against one by Aaron Wherry, Promise and Peril.

Snark about the media bailout

Following an update from Postmedia that estimated at least $8 million in annual taxpayer subsidies, Torstar’s quarterly results exposed its expectation of about $6 million this year, even though the $600-million bailout package has yet to be distributed:

Catching up with the “Yorkville Swindler.” Albert Allan Rosenberg was the subject of a 2015 Toronto Life story about how he scammed his way into high society, then ended up in prison. After his release, Rosenberg was banned from the neighbourhood that’s in his nickname. Toronto Star reporter Amy Dempsey found him now around Midtown.

Finally, big curls of confusion

Sarah Thomson, the past political candidate and headline generator, shared a selfie from the cottage. Does the caption indicate that she actually ran into Kenny G—the musician who also summers near Lake Rosseau—or is it a joke about how Thomson now resembles him?