The latest to say sorry now is Lainey Gossip

Good content remains good content

Lainey Gossip’s indictment of Jessica Mulroney was followed by Elaine Lui herself taken to task for offensive words on the longtime celebrity website. And so, she had a penitent conversation with her co-hosts on CTV’s The Social, outlining how things have changed since the days when etalk content meant promoting a Nazi costume wearer.

The movement to free Meng

An open letter signed by 19 high-profile Canadians says that the federal government should exercise its authority to free Meng Whanzou from an extradition process likely to take nine more months. The argument follows Justin Trudeau making a “direct link” to the Huawei executive’s case with China’s imprisonment of the two Michaels.

The leadership frontrunners are fighting to kill the Conservatives. At least that’s what some strategists say about how Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole are campaigning against each other. The latest dramatics involve a 19-year-old former intern who O’Toole’s camp claimed stole data to give to MacKay, which police are now probing.

Sketchy ad is ruled sketchier

“Vaughan Working Families” was the non-existent organization name on stock-photo newspaper advertising that attacked the Ontario teachers’ union at the height of strike actions. Probing by the Toronto Star led to discovering some details behind what’s now an official law-violating venture:

The activists are now stalking the hard scientists.” Jordan Peterson’s return to the National Post precedes a promised June 30 update from his current detox treatments in Belgrade. Meanwhile, the same Cambridge University that once rescinded JBP’s fellowship offer is now defending a professor’s right to tweet lawful opinions.

Finally, goodnight to alt-right

Lauren Southern is a star of the new documentary White Noise, a production from The Atlantic, which follows three prominent figures during the peak of the alt-right movement. But the B.C. university drop-out who quickly ascended to something that resembled celebrity has resurfaced to say she’s no longer like the person in the film: