The jabs in your arm may be from Montreal

But you’re gonna want them faster

Novavax submitted its COVID-19 vaccine for regulatory approval to Health Canada, after a British study found it 89 per cent effective, and now a deal has been announced for the Maryland-based company to produce it in Montreal. But the journey of domestic dose production dates to last summer, and the results won’t be realized before the next one.

Posties want to junk this mail

The story about Canada Post carriers in Regina suspended without pay for three days for refusing to deliver a free edition of The Epoch Times, which was confirmed by CBC News, began with a Facebook post from one of them. The newspaper has disputed how its content is portrayed by other outlets, while the post office says it broke no rules.

Pornhub releases a new promise to clean up its act. The latest list of strategies coincided with a parliamentary committee hearing from one of the women who says her life was shattered by the Montreal-based website. Proposed regulation for technology companies operating in Canada extends to a greater effort to patrol online pornography.

The layoffs stream at BCE

Bell Media’s recent purge of executives appeared to relate to its new president, veteran telecom executive Wade Oosterman, putting subscription streaming services at the top of the agenda. Montreal radio station CJAD was the first to lose newsroom staff and talk hosts in this new era, with the expectation that wider cuts would follow:

Saul Korman dead at 86. The owner of the Toronto store Korry’s—Clothiers to Gentlemen became a radio talk show regular in the early ’60s, which inspired him to purchase spots where he’d riff on whatever he wanted, and to buy his own newspaper column. “The Duke of the Danforth” was big on celebrating the street where he sold suits.

Finally, the dog shampoo guy

Jonathan Kay earned an entry on Know Your Meme thanks to a tweet contemplating the inadvertent use of dog shampoo on his own hair. The reaction from Seth Rogen helped this become an international clickbait incident, stoked by those with a preexisting distaste for Kay’s points of view. It added up to an experience worthy of a conversation: