The hipster who’d rather be voting in Canada

Where they hope to call it K-Day

A snapshot from Reuters of a Brooklyn voter in a Sloan shirt and Raptors cap captures the mood of a U.S. election that could result in more years of hearing about how Kamala Harris grew up in Montreal. It will definitely be an election remembered as the time Bobby Orr lost some lifelong fans but retained the friendship of Don Cherry.

The case for four more years

The Canadian Press caught up with Donald Rosso of London, Ontario—currently bereft of his border-crossing momentum as impersonator “Billionaire Donald”—who fears an end to his lucrative work. Plus, fake Trump can’t virtually compete with actual ex-associates like Michael Cohen, who outlined his Toronto connections for $100 on Cameo.

CBC Kids News got censured by the ombudsman for showing a bias. The conclusion from Jack Nagler addressed a complaint over coverage of remarks by J.K. Rowling on a teen-hosted show that exclaimed, “Sis, read the room.” This followed Nagler’s ruling that CBC News coverage of its own fully employed staffer Wendy Mesley also lacked balance.

A teachable Twitter moment

Rav Arora’s praise of Joe Rogan’s podcast further stoked the writing reputation of the 19-year-old University of the Fraser Valley student. One unimpressed observer was Carin Bondar, who’s an adjunct professor at the school. Her tweet about how she’d have rather puked than click the Globe and Mail op-ed was deleted before this apology:

Christmas music reached the radio two weeks sooner. Toronto station CHFI did a November 2 flip to its seasonal format, because it’s 2020, rather than the traditional wait for the Santa Claus Parade. Meanwhile, as Hudson’s Bay fights against paying some rent, the department store launched a holiday campaign invoking Schitt’s Creek.

Finally, recalling Earl Camembert

The SCTV Podcast, hosted by improv comedy veteran Michael Delaney, debuted with chatter examining the origin of the series and how it occasionally intertwined with Saturday Night Live. The timely third episode gets a Donald Trump impersonator to deconstruct how the politics of Melonville were covered by this unordinary television: