The fit over Cortland Cronk being in print

Surreal sign of the New York Times

Canada first met Cortland Cronk last autumn after he spread COVID-19 back into New Brunswick, saying authorities told him to not bother with self-isolation until test results came in. Catherine Porter accepted Cronk’s claim of moving from Saint John to Victoria due to public shaming, rather than as an attempt to spin the story to look like a victim.

The gotchas moved to Zoom

The recent tradition of individual Liberal MP accounts on Twitter getting leveraged to criticize Conservative counterparts made a comeback with a video of eastern Ontario MP Cheryl Gallant offering conspiratorial rhetoric to a club from Queen’s University. Erin O’Toole brushed it off as a distraction, although Gallant travelled this road before.

From vaccines to pipelines to clean water on reserves, why Canada can’t seem to get anything done.” Tristin Hopper’s roundup of present-day federal project bumblings appeared in the National Post alongside a story of the Liberals seeming to work faster on something else: language equality reforms that aspire to counter a nationwide decline of French.

The new front page challenges

Before he retires from News Media Canada, lobby group chief John Hinds expects to see Canada join Australia in taking action to make tech giants pay to link the news. Steven Guilbeault appeared on CNN to reinforce legislation is coming—followed by former Postmedia digital advisor Jeff Jarvis questioning disbursement destinations:

Daniel Dale has fewer facts to check at CNN. The network’s recruit from the Toronto Star still types online but has fewer TV appearances during the Joe Biden era, mainly correcting Donald Trump’s lawyers. Meanwhile, after three years of cartooning about American politics, Jim Carrey declared his work done, just like he retired as Biden.

Finally, beyond the test kitchen

Gimlet Media became the biggest focus of industry chatter last week, as its Reply All podcast miniseries about racism accusations at Bon Appétit turned into a story about racism accusations at Gimlet. But the company also uploaded a preview from Connie Walker, who was recruited from CBC to tell comparable stories about America: