The endlessly exasperating pandemic politics

You’d also try hiding for a while

Conservative social media experts tried to chide Justin Trudeau for floating the promise of a “one-dose summer,” only to have sober second thoughts upon determining it wasn’t serious enough. And while some doomsayers speak of a seemingly eternal lockdown, AstraZeneca takers await a chance to mix and match, though AZ will keep arriving.

The king came out of hiding

“The whole world went upside down on us,” says one unnamed source in response to questions about where Doug Ford went. The past month had the premier climbing down from closing playgrounds and giving police extra powers before he went into self-isolation. Ford’s return involved announcing a stay-at-home order extension to June 2.

The horses are getting ready to run in June. Woodbine is optimistic about the province allowing a return to thoroughbred betting by then—recently, the Toronto racetrack offered a pop-up vaccine clinic. Jabbing also took a whirl around Canada’s Wonderland, which got around to calling off its once-hopeful May 14 opening date.

Toronto stuck with status quo

Rail Deck Park likely won’t happen as a downtown Toronto legacy project for John Tory. A provincial tribunal ruled in favour of the developer who owns the air rights to space the city turned down for a project that involved parkland. Meanwhile, plans for an Exhibition Place venue optimized for esports have been sent back to the drawing board:

TikTok isn’t commenting on the Canadian voice actor suing for copyright violation. Bev Standing called a lawyer after finding her voice all over the app due to a text-to-speech feature that uses recordings she made in her bungalow in Welland, Ontario. The suit drew attention that clashes with TikTok’s pitch of being friendly to creators.

Finally, all’s well in Melonville

An Afternoon with SCTV hasn’t been cancelled after all, despite the social media claims of Joe Flaherty. His comments brought on some entertaining speculation about what might’ve cursed the reunion conversation shot by Martin Scorsese—who was merely diverted by other projects. And so, the Rick Moranis comeback stays on track: