The election will be fought in the frozen aisle

It’s something the NDP can run with

Loblaw is promoting its grocery retailing dominance at the same time that the NDP is telling the Liberals to revoke the company’s grant for freezer upgrades. Jagmeet Singh has also been getting press for his memoir, Love & Courage, which avoids getting too political.

Forensic audit is ahead for Faith

Toronto’s compliance audit committee ruled that an auditor will be appointed to investigate whether Faith Goldy followed fundraising and spending rules in her run for mayor. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is trying to find out who contributed to her personal accounts—an outcome Goldy appears to fear.

“Chair Girl” catches herself on tape. “It’s Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola!,” exclaimed Marcella Zoia during a late-night Instagram video stream, captured by Newstalk 1010, after a male voice is heard pointing out “the coke.” This clashes with Zoia’s lawyer’s claim that she has changed her ways. (But she did also tell her viewers not to throw chairs off balconies.)

McD’s hack is an international incident

Despite the fast food giant claiming that compromised accounts haven’t been a big problem, a MobileSyrup story about a $2,000 cup of coffee was translated into USD by several other media outlets. And then, McDonald’s conspicuously updated its app.

Tim Hortons vows to roll up beyond the cup. Weak quarterly results came with the chain heeding the call to feed less litter by adding a digital side to Roll Up the Rim to Win. But contest founder Ron Buist says the real problem is that the cups look cheap now.

The trouble with leaning on Uber

Innisfil applying new technologies to municipal services—which includes being the first Canadian town to accept tax payments through Bitcoin—comes with a flip side for some locals:

Gordon Stimmell dead at 72. While an editor at the Toronto Sun, Stimmell was also its wine critic. He carried the role over to the Toronto Star while he was editor-in-chief of its TV supplement, StarWeek. In print, he was once nicknamed the “Sherlock of Chardonnay.

Finally, this Newfoundlander has a cow

Bruce Moss says he turned down $20,000 for permission to use his 1982 song “The Islander” in the most recent episode of The Simpsons, whose “I’m a Newfie!” line generated backlash. Now working as a plumber in New Brunswick, Moss had already regarded the animated series as “morally bankrupt.”