The death of getting noticed for the ratio

Twitter wants people to look liked

Twitter is using Canada to test a feature that allows users to hide their replies. It’s a threat to the trend of bad takes getting more attention for reactions than for the originating tweet.

Fake News from the PMO

Replies to Justin Trudeau’s communications director explained how this tweet was factually wrong. But attacking Stephen Harper is less necessary when Andrew Scheer throws around words like “wait and see” when discussing a prospective federal conversion therapy ban.

Postmedia is counting down to the bailout. Quarterly results from the newspaper chain say Postmedia is expecting $8 million to $10 million a year in new government funding.

Poop, we hardly knew you

The defensive tackle, whose nickname was based on his explanation for his fluctuating weight, was a viral signing for the Toronto Argos. But this era ended with a whimper:

Peter Gross is through at 680 News. While he started his career with Citytv, Gross spent a quarter-century with the Rogers radio station. His ambition to become the world’s oldest sportscaster will have to be pursued elsewhere, as CFTR has cut him loose.

Finally, the shades of 45

Sum 41 has a new album coming out, one that finds 39-year-old frontman Deryck Whibley pondering political propaganda. The band that began as teenage punks from Ajax, Ontario is now hitching itself to the Trump resistance:

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