The day Jessica Mulroney was truly cancelled

Instagram drama spikes reality show

Bell Media severed ties with Jessica Mulroney after the escalation of a conflict with Toronto influencer Sasha Exeter led the host of I Do Redo to threaten a libel suit. The fact that Mulroney initially objected to Exeter calling out “white privilege” factored in Hudson’s Bay severing ties with the woman widely known as Meghan Markle’s BFF.

Hair apparently fit to print

A stay-at-home mom in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who tweets daily about the PM’s growing mane was one of the expert observers cited in Catherine Porter’s report. But as the morning briefings from his house have reached three months, it’s now Justin Trudeau accusing the opposition of playing “political games” outside of parliament.

Ontario’s health minister shopped at Toronto LCBO while awaiting COVID-19 test results.” A masked Christine Elliott looking at VQA wines in the store was snapped about 90 minutes after her Queen’s Park colleague Stephen Lecce announced his negative test results. Elliott said she was advised that she didn’t need to self-isolate.

The ironies of going viral

Dashcam footage of an RCMP officer tackling a First Nations chief in northern Alberta, during an arrest over an expired licence plate on March 10, drew wider condemnation due to an excerpt circulating on Twitter. Coincidentally, the clip appeared a few hours after Mounties issued their caution regarding strident online behaviour:

Canada’s last alt-weekly publisher clarifies they’re not eliminating arts and culture coverage. Brian Kalish of Media Central Corporation, which bought Now Magazine and the Georgia Straight, says a letter to shareholders of its penny stock was misinterpreted on social media. The text implied that sponsored content on topics like esports would be their new priority.

Finally, the truth about crypto

Quadriga was the Vancouver-based cryptocurrency exchange whose 30-year-old founder and CEO Gerald Cotten reportedly died unexpectedly while in India on a honeymoon that involved opening an orphanage. Passwords to access many millions worth of accounts died with him. Now there’s more clarity about the company: