The day Andrew Scheer tried to be prime minister

Trudeau reminded him that he’s not

Andrew Scheer was barred from a meeting of federal party leaders after his railing against “radical activists” behind the rail blockades. The lame-duck Conservative leader had been critical of how Justin Trudeau addressed the conflict in the House.

Chewing out the Liberal plates

Queen’s Park is standing by the redesigned licence plates that police have complained are unreadable in low light: consumer affairs minister Lisa Thompson says they were tested, and better than the “status quo Liberal plates” that were “peeling and flaking.” But it now appears that photo radar cameras can’t tell they’re from Ontario.

John Tory suggested that aging boomers should rent out part of their houses to afford staying in them. The comments were made by Toronto’s mayor on a radio infomercial for real estate, prior to final approval of a city budget with a property tax increase. The bigger take will pay for more cops, paramedics, and transit inspectors.

Scene points need not apply

Cineworld’s $2.8-billion takeover of Cineplex secured Ontario court approval, en route to being federally finalized. Toronto’s revived Paradise Theatre is the latest to highlight the alleged anti-competitive practices by Cineplex, which have come to the fore:

Tim Hortons changes its contest cup timing in the name of sustainability. Roll Up the Rim to Win will start on March 11 this year, preceded by a giveaway of reusable cups designed to facilitate digital entries, with a two-week window for old paper rolls.

Remember the Sussex Royals?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s use of the “Sussex Royal” branding is reportedly being clamped down on by the Queen, which follows other trademark opposition. But the couple has new friends at JP Morgan, if not also Goldman Sachs. And despite Toronto real estate rumours, they’re back on Vancouver Island, living life just like us:

Media companies call on Parliament to support policies that favour trusted sources of original news.” The cross-industry group recharged a call for changes to how foreign digital giants are regulated, albeit with stipulations criticized for favouring corporate media interests.

Finally, the next big movement

Nathan Fielder concluded Nathan for You in November 2017, with a finale that rendered him the most acclaimed talent to come out of working on Canadian Idol, let alone This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Next up is a pilot of his collaboration with the brothers behind Uncut Gems, about a cursed HGTV hosting couple: