The catcher who had an erection when arrested

Reese McGuire caught in parking lot

“I really shouldn’t have been doing that,” said Reese McGuire, according to a detailed report from Dunedin, Florida, police about how the Blue Jays catcher was caught in a parked car with his sweatpants around his ankles and a porn video on his phone. McGuire didn’t deny the allegations, and he has a court date for exposure on March 16.

The mother of all Posties

Rosie DiManno’s tribute to “the best damn journalist in the country,” who was also her longtime sidekick on assignments, was among the tributes to Christie Blatchford that spanned all four Toronto newspapers, and almost an entire broadcast day on Newstalk 1010. But her work at the National Post managed to leave the liveliest legacy.

Podcasting is also a new medium that we need to be hugely present in.” Postmedia CEO Andrew MacLeod presided over an annual general meeting where the standard newsprint declines were pondered. But he also praised Ottawa for giving Postmedia $8 million to $10 million in annual tax credits, which are currently helping hire reporters.

The dues and don’ts of Vice

While the Toronto headquarters of Vice Canada are currently up for lease, and its cancelled-in-Canada cable network pivots to journalism, the corporate hoarding faces a complicated challenge. The cash that was raised in 2017 from millennial media investor TPG was accepted with the expectation of Vice going public or being sold by now:

Toronto, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.” Graham Isador writes for Vice about Canada’s largest city reaching the point where it can inspire clichéd Leaving New York–style personal essays all its own. It comes with the backdrop of stories like a family-owned fruit stand being priced out of Kensington Market due to soaring rent.

Doug Ford’s incoming thorn

After a social media campaign to stop him flamed out fast, Steven Del Duca was confirmed by the Ontario Liberals to be the clear front-runner in its leadership race, beyond winning a majority of delegate spots. But after one poll put the leaderless Liberals ahead of the Ontario PCs, it’ll become Del Duca’s burden to not end up blowing it:

I hope my piano will be happy in piano heaven.” Ottawa-born classical pianist Angela Hewitt didn’t wish to immediately elaborate upon the Facebook post in which she lamented how her prized Fazioli piano was dropped by movers. But she’s since elaborated to the New York Times about why this was the subject of such despair.

Finally, a new era of shrinkage

Rick Moranis returned to the public eye at an SCTV reunion benefit show, followed by participating in Martin Scorsese’s documentary a year later. He also showed up at the Alamo City Comic Con, and lent his voice to The Goldbergs salute to Spaceballs—whose ad survives on the side of a Toronto building. But it was all foreshadowing this: