The case against becoming “Google’s lab rat”

Sidewalk Labs facing legal pushback

CCLA head Michael Bryant announced legal proceedings against Waterfront Toronto over Sidewalk Labs’ smart city project—before the actual plans have been submitted for scrutiny.

Pilot needs a handle to land on

Toronto made streetcars the permanent priority on part of King Street by a 22-3 vote, despite councillor Stephen Holyday dissenting behind (literal) rose-coloured glasses.

Today, we Albertans begin to fight back.” Jason Kenney is the province’s new premier: his UCP won 63 seats, knocking the NDP down to 24 across Alberta. Naturally, federal Conservatives take this as a promising sign.

AOC takes a Leap over the NDP

Avi Lewis couldn’t get a Canadian party to adopt his environmental manifesto. And yet, he’s found an enthusiastic American collaborator in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

CityPlace pot shop gets sealed up with a big metal door. Toronto police raided the illegal CAFE dispensary on Fort York Boulevard on Monday night. But when it reopened Tuesday, cops tried sealing it shut. Staff outside reportedly steered people to other locations.

A tale of student housing in two cities

Vancouver kids are finding cheap rooms in mansions owned by foreign investors looking to avoid a new tax on empty homes. Meanwhile in Toronto, a Star front page story highlights four roommates getting squishy to afford this:

Bernard Schiff dead at 79. A co-founder of The Walrus, the retired U of T psychology professor also served as the magazine’s publisher amidst its early tumult. Schiff earned more recent attention for criticizing the pursuits of his prior protégé, Jordan Peterson.

Finally, the streets of Civic-TV

James Woods, who’s now primarily known as a Trump-supporting tweeter, also once starred in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, in which he played the head of a sensationalistic small UHF station. It was obviously inspired by Citytv, even though the 1983 film avoided affirming that. But a new find from Retrontario, from a cut of Videodrome censored for television, has Woods walking to work along Queen Street East, where Citytv was located back then: