The cancellations and the celebrations

Canada Day is happening either way

A defence of John A. Macdonald by David Frum earned a fast rebuttal from Stephen Maher. It arrives in the wake of JAM’s hometown removing his statue from a park, while another was covered in Hamilton. Meanwhile, the annual National Indigenous Peoples Day will be punctuated with nationwide radio programming on June 30.

No turning back for Alberta

Victory over COVID-19 has been declared for Canada Day in Alberta. Saskatchewan is ready to lift masks 10 days later—yet Manitoba has doctors continuing to call for caution. And despite Ontario’s declining case counts, the Delta variant is still lurking. But fully vaccinated Canadian travellers with proof won’t need to quarantine past July 5.

I was on hold with the culture ministry’s phone line, and I was taken aback to hear an American singing a little song in English to me.” Quebec culture minister Nathalie Roy has ordered 90 per cent of the public service soundtrack to be French. This elevator music policy comes with a $1.1 million program to promote new chansons.

Wait and see a Generation C

The list of art projects from Douglas Coupland will soon expand via his hometown of Vancouver: “The Rabbit Lane Project,” inspired by his 1998 novel Girlfriend in a Coma, and a mural on the side of gentrified high-rise the Berkeley. But his thoughts have also returned to Generation X, wondering whether labels can survive internet brain:

Cannabis store replacing closed Starbucks and people say Toronto is officially ruined.” A sign of the times headline from BlogTO reflects a streetscape that’s shifted under lockdown, as areas once considered over due to caffeinated mermaids draw a new wave of retail.

Finally, a case of half a century

Joni Mitchell is marking the 50th anniversary of Blue with five demos and outtakes from its making. There’s also a new interview with Cameron Crowe for the Los Angeles Times, accompanied by 10 celebrity testimonials, while the New York Times gathered 50 more. NPR will also host an online listening party with Brandi Carlile to accompany these words under its influence: