The bureaucratic grab for your remote control

Fingers hover above the algorithm

The independent panel report on reforming broadcast legislation in Canada calls for foreign streaming services to pay sales taxes, fund content that meets specific criteria for domestic productions, and tweak the algorithms in favour of spotlighting Cancon. Removing advertising on all CBC platforms is also in the suggestion pile.

Politics of a potential pandemic

Toronto mayor John Tory denounced xenophobia against the Chinese community, based on his being told of increased reports of stigmatization in the wake of two cases of coronavirus detected in the city. Concern about recently related racism may lack specific examples, but it’s based on fearing a repeat of the panic surrounding SARS.

Mastercard gets charged in the House of Commons. Justin Trudeau was assailed from both sides over how the federal Strategic Innovation Fund committed $49 million to a global security centre in Vancouver, adding to $510 million from Mastercard. But it also gives Conservative leadership hopeful Erin O’Toole new fodder to feed a meme.

Library sticks to speech stance

While the Toronto Public Library is reviewing its room rental policies in the wake of unfavourable reactions to Meghan Murphy’s speech on gender identity last fall, its Vancouver counterpart updated its policy following similar circumstances a year ago. It was determined that a new rental request doesn’t violate their revised standards:

HIDDEN CAMERA: Police interrogated me about my Justin Trudeau book. They didn’t know I videotaped it.” Ezra Levant compiled his recent Canadian political views in The Libranos, whose promotion led the elections commissioner to investigate him for looking like an unregistered third party. Rebel News couldn’t have begged for a better episode.

Finally, the life of a tradwife

Lauren Southern went from political science drop-out to Rebel Media correspondent. She was dubbed the “alt-right’s not-so-secret weapon” by Vice before getting involved in anti-migration stunts around Europe. She got a lifetime ban from Britain and made a documentary, but her retirement from politics before turning 24 seemed to stick:

God is good.

In the midst of a chaotic life, I rediscovered my faith in the most amazing way.
I found love with the best man I’ve ever met.

I fell in love again after meeting our son, the best thing I’ve ever made.

Of all the adventures I’ve been on over the years, I can truly say I’ve never done anything so wonderful as showing someone the world for the first time.

His first sunset, his first song… his first smile.

Of course behind the glamorous instagram photos is one tired momma with dark bags under her eyes after bub decided he wanted to play all night instead of sleep. Kicking his littles toes and cooing at all hours of the early morning.
Lifes challenges present themselves in new and different ways as I move into a new chapter. I wouldn’t change a thing though, and I’d do it a million times over.

I’ve been blessed enough to have amazing women in my life to guide me through pregnancy, motherhood and being a wife. Cheers to you ladies, you make me a better woman and a better mum. 🥂

Blessed to have my family (old and new) who always have my back.

Blessed to have new friends and mentors - many thanks to my professor Ron Dart for pushing me to continue my education, guiding me through ego death and raising my mind to things greater than myself. I’d highly recommend his works on the Beatitudes and Tradition. ----- No this is not a post to announce my re-entry to the “culture war”. I have some very important nappy battles to fight at the moment. 😉

I’ve greatly enjoyed my privacy. I simply wanted to share these moments with the world - on my own terms. ----- (A friendly disclaimer, to those of you who I’ve run into in person and have been kind enough to keep my family private, many thanks and it’s always lovely to say hello. I hope everyone else can please respect the privacy of myself and loved ones. 💕) Photos: my lovely friend @oliviaannphotography_
January 29, 2020