The border is open for a wave of viral news

And you’re not in a hurry to cross it

NPR’s report on boat tracking systems used by vigilant B.C. residents from their living rooms heightened attention to the continued crackdown on Americans who still get to pass through in order to reach Alaska. Otherwise, the general border closure could continue for months, which means more complication for communities on both sides.

Peeling a newer menace away

Red onions were initially identified as the source of a salmonella outbreak across 30 American states, which extended to a recall of every colour. But it’s also resulted in a Canadian advisory to avoid all onions suspected of being imported from the U.S., as onions resulted in at least 120 national salmonella cases, and 17 hospitalizations.

First of all, it’s unfortunate I’m getting a question from you at this point, Steve.” Auston Matthews rebuked the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons for reporting in mid-June, based on other unnamed NHL sources, that that the Maple Leafs star tested positive for COVID-19. Simmons thinks they’d have already settled this in person if they could.

Games with a different frontier

After getting the weekend off due to Major League Baseball’s coronavirus outbreak, the Blue Jays landed in Atlanta with hopes of no more postponement. Meanwhile, new signs were installed in Buffalo as part of signalling the status of the reluctantly exiled team:

CBC brings something bleakly bland to American TV. Coroner’s pickup by the CW Network has supplied the series with some unimpressed reviews, like the observation of how even the criminals confronted by its Canadian lead character are pretty nice.

Finally, hanging on to your life

The Guess Who are among the acts slated to perform at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota—even though only drummer Garry Peterson remains from the classic lineup, to the continued chagrin of the famous ex-frontmen stuck at home in Canada. But it’s not like they’re going to wish they were there with reports like this one: