The Beer Store’s going out of business sale

Sooner than later, defenders claim

The union representing 7,000 employees of the Beer Store argues that all of them will be out of work if Ontario doesn’t cancel its plan to end the monopoly deal. The retailer is also striking back at critics of its foreign ownership.

No condos and no casinos

Whatever shall become of Ontario Place is officially up for developers to propose. The province was pondering some sort of spa scenario before the change of government.

Two ex-Liberal cabinet ministers will attempt independence. Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould concurrently announced their runs for re-election without a political party, despite Elizabeth May’s attempt to turn them Green.

The missing minute-and-a-half

A video that Catherine McKenna uploaded to Twitter, during which she boisterously explains how loudly repeating a point turns it into a truth—at least in the House of Commons—got much more attention after being deleted:

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg could be found in contempt of Parliament. Facebook’s faces were called to Ottawa, but won’t be testifying about disinformation. Canadian public policy head Kevin Chan plans to do the talking for the pair instead.

Chair Girl can’t stop the content

I been zooked” was among the recent text overlays on Instagram Stories shared by Marcella Zoia, who must know by now that journalists keep watch on her account:

The smoke break with your work wife.” The tweeter from Toronto known as @JodiesJumpsuit is doing a newsletter, too: The Jumpstack will ship later on Tuesday afternoons. (It’s the second of four fresh ones that 12:36 is endorsing, after Retrontario.)

Finally, remembering an ex-newscaster

Sarika Sehgal anchored for Toronto 1 before stints with CBC and CTV. Mentions of her death were first confined to social media. Sehgal wrote about her decision to leave television behind on the website for Khel, the retreat that she started in Erin, Ontario.