The bear cub who wanted to escape America

She’s no longer furring the worst

Canada Border Services Agency cultivated clickbait with a Facebook post about Annie, the bear cub who sought to cross from Hyder, Alaska, to Stewart, B.C., without any travel documents. Annie was promptly trapped by a wildlife shelter that fed her.

The culture war popped back

Whole Foods is still headed by its very libertarian co-founder, but Amazon also brought in a new dress code that forbids adding extra messages to the uniform. Doug Ford’s response to “Woke Foods” is a plan to bring in a law that protects poppy wearing.

Cineplex says its closed theatres will stay closed. The modified COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario enforce a limit of 50 people per building, which Cineplex got modified in the summer. But the Hollywood product lines they count on are being suspended anyhow.

The battles over acting Tamil

Deepa Mehta’s Funny Boy has been chosen as Canada’s contender for the international category at the Academy Awards, ahead of its premieres on CBC and Netflix. With the acclaim comes a backlash for not hiring Tamil actors to play the lead characters:

Justin Bieber’s ex-pastor was fired for being unfaithful. Carl Lentz became a celebrity by association with one Canadian congregant, but his stint with the Hillsong Church ended with a confession. (Bieber just issued two new versions of his hit, “Holy.”)

Finally, this 50th state song

The Weeknd keeps reaching new chart milestones with “Blinding Lights” while also joining the league of Canadians who’ve recorded in Spanish. Maluma is the Colombian singer of “Hawái,” whose remixed duet partner dances in another language: