The antithesis of Antifa is Maxime Bernier

If that’s even what he’s trying to say

The scrap outside Sunday’s Maxime Bernier event in Hamilton is still making news: 81-year-old Dorothy Marston was labelled “Nazi scum” by masks who blocked her path. A statement from Toronto restaurant Soufi’s said that its owner family regrets the confrontation.

A polite fight from the NDP

While the Quebec secularism Bill 21 hangs in the air there, it was just one subject in the TVA French-language leaders debate. The matter of a second Liberal campaign plane was a bigger takeaway for the Conservatives, who declared the debate a home run.

Ontario’s film ratings outsource idea was announced without an agreement. While an interim plan to import movie monitoring from British Columbia was announced by Queen’s Park following the cost-cutting closure of the Ontario Film Authority, it turned out that Consumer Protection B.C. didn’t sign a deal to share its copyrighted ratings.

Look at this photograph…

Nickelback activated a copyright complaint over Donald Trump using its Alberta nostalgia anthem to carve Joe Biden on Twitter. But the clip endured via the large adult sons:

Little Havana Café is still waiting out a trade war. The Toronto coffee truck had its Square payment processing frozen in August because the tapping system routes through an American bank. Little Havana’s brewed beans appear to violate U.S. sanctions against Cuba.

Strange clickbait bedfellows

Refinery29 was valued at $400 million (U.S.) in a deal that finds the millennial women’s website acquired by Vice in the effort to scale things up to something sustainable:

Paul Magder dead at 83. The furrier was at the forefront of the fight to allow Sunday shopping in Ontario. Magder’s store stood steps away from Chinatown, which had a Toronto tourist-area exemption. While the law changed in 1992, Magder racked up $514,000 in fines, and declared bankruptcy before his sons rebooted the business.

Finally, a federal poetry fiasco

Health Canada tried to play along with Random Acts of Poetry Day. But after one verse was noticed by Vagina Bible author Jennifer Gunter, this tweet earned a delete: