The anti-maskers up against more cases

COVID-19 finds a new demographic

Anti-mask rallies might be on the rise, but so are the COVID-19 cases among young people in Canada, as spaces are reopening amid lockdown fatigue. John Tory now wants Toronto restaurants and bars to require masks upon indoor reopening and is further calling for residential buildings in the city to mandate face coverings in common areas.

We gotta get of this place

We Charity says it was the federal government’s idea to pay volunteer students less than minimum wage, and co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger plan to answer more questions from the committee looking into their cancelled contract. While its real estate portfolio remains under scrutiny, We’s deals with schools are also under review.

Ontario Place is reborn as a safer pandemic space. Eight years after the province shut down its original Toronto water park concept, more of the grounds will be revived for physically distant festivals and events, including a drive-in TIFF. Future possibilities reportedly still include the development of a European-style dome spa.

Busting the ghost of Eaton’s

Hamilton remains home to the last sign of a Canadian department store legacy, atop the derelict mall that symbolizes dashed hopes for a 1990s downtown renewal. Three decades later, the former Hamilton Eaton Centre became a coveted site, which is now turning the corner toward possibly looking something like this in time for the 2030s:

No one gets to tell me what kind of Black man to be.” Jamil Jivani’s op-ed for the National Post coincided with him delivering a radio rebuttal to a feature in the Globe and Mail. The provincially appointed advocate for community opportunities in Ontario was profiled under a headline that highlighted how he’s “accused of anti-Blackness.”

Finally, fragility is now virality

Ryan Long is a comedian from Toronto who moved to New York, where he produces videos for the punk rock satire site The Hard Times. But the clip that’s earned him the most attention so far is one with his Fckonomics podcast co-host Danny Polishchuk. The duo are racking up retweets for encapsulating this online zeitgeist: