The anti-maskers might stay at home now

Toronto’s clampdown on the march

The childless man who leads Mothers Against Distancing drew more attention for dominating a protest in Toronto against lockdowns five days after returning from Europe, for which he was fined $1,000. Chris Saccoccia’s return to rallying a week later led to charges of allegedly breaking the federal Quarantine Act, in conjunction with his wife.

Kamala mania in the air tonight

Kaj Hasselriis was inspired to make the Kamala in Canada comic book due to the lack of detail disclosed by the Democratic vice-presidential candidate about her Montreal adolescence. But that didn’t stop the New York Times from pushing its portrayal of “Kamala mania” with an especially oleaginous tweet for its angle.

This was great. Let’s be just as aggressive on a Democratic administration.” New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet suggests CNN should continue to use fact-checker Daniel Dale if Donald Trump is voted out. Dale secured his spot alongside John Roberts and Ali Velshi as Canadian all-stars of the American cable news resistance.

NBA cross-border squabbling

While the Toronto Raptors nixed a plan to host U.S. voter registration at Scotiabank Arena due to COVID-19, the team still hasn’t secured a contract extension with Masai Ujiri, though it’s expected to happen. But the Raptors president still has unfinished business from the championship season, due to a certain sheriff’s deputy in Oakland:

Dan Levy calls out Comedy Central India for removing a kiss between two men. The ascent of Schitt’s Creek evidently includes being susceptible to international censorship, which he noted didn’t happen in America. Meanwhile, there’s a good sign of Eugene Levy’s career renaissance: the first American Pie sequel without him is out now.

Finally, the iron in his thighs

Johnny Nash, the “I Can See Clearly Now” singer who died at age 80, pretty much disappeared from the music industry by the end of the 1970s. But his younger voice rang out through the Canadian ’80s due to Global TV’s reliable rerunning of The Mighty Hercules cartoon, featuring Nash’s serenade about the softness in the eyes of Herc: