The $2,000 cup of coffee from McDonald’s

What happens when you’re hacked

MobileSyrup editor Patrick O’Rourke just wanted to order a double-double from his phone, but a failed transaction was followed by nearly $2,000 being stolen from his bank account. McD’s told O’Rourke that the fault lies with his bank, BMO—which thinks blame belongs to the Golden Arches. (The app has a history of reported security flaws.)

Airbnb ain’t no party next door

ICE Condos at 12-14 York Street had the largest number of Airbnb listings in Toronto during March, according to research from the Munk School, published by the Toronto Star. A data scrape also revealed the key Toronto players in the game of “ghost hotels.”

CAFE Dispensary stays open because somebody has been sleeping inside. CityNews clarified how police raids and subsequent welding efforts haven’t stopped the illegal cannabis retail chain from operating. Apparently, if a dispensary is also being used as a residence it can’t be physically shut down, due to a loophole in the Cannabis Control Act.

Sidewalk Toronto keeps on doodling

Jim Balsillie elaborates about why he has emerged from post-BlackBerry retirement to challenge Sidewalk Labs. While opponents of Alphabet’s pending pitch get primed to fight, smart-city builders drew prototype signs

Ontario Music Fund questions aren’t being officially answered. Billboard couldn’t get Queen’s Park to detail why the fund’s grants decreased from $15 million to $7 million. The most recent recipients of this money include several major labels and established bands

Finally, a cut cord for MuchMusic USA

Fuse, a U.S. cable channel, blames cord-cutting for its financial woes in its filing for bankruptcy. When the station launched 25 years ago, it was mostly a simulcast of MuchMusic, as part of a joint venture that ended in 2003. But the legacy of MuchMusic USA still lives in an ancient website petitioning for a return of that Canadian programming: