Taking the Chick-fil-A fight to the streets

The clash over conservative chicken

The opening of the first Chick-fil-A in Canada met with protests at Yonge and Bloor. Toronto activists were primarily trying to draw attention to the sandwich shop’s streak of support for socially conservative causes, which are perceived as an anti-gay agenda. And that’s well and good with organizers of the Jesus in the City parade, which plans a prayer stop in front of the store, followed by a snack inside.

A debate with hurt feelings

Justin Trudeau’s refusal to accept invitations to two more English-language election debates—while contemplating a second French one—led the firm organizing one on foreign policy to get existential on Twitter. Perhaps the PM will be more amenable to appearing on a new podcast from preceding Liberal leader Bob Rae.

Andrew Scheer’s campaign chair was cited in a call to Ottawa police. Hamish Marshall, who’s steering the Conservative election ship, was previously a board member for Rebel Media. His name is part of “a criminal complaint for hate propaganda” by lawyer Richard Warman over videos from The Rebel.

Big drama for small province

Jonathan Richardson, a former federal NDP executive who issued the declaration of New Brunswick candidates jumping ship to the Greens, says that his car has been vandalized and he’s been called a racist. The lack of clarity over Richardson’s claim had some of them confirming it accurate, the rest are being accused of switching back to the NDP:

How to get barred from visiting the Senate.” Calgary energy executive William Lacey was asked to turn his “I ❤️ 🍁 OIL & GAS” t-shirt inside out if he wanted a tour of the Red Chamber, an overreach by security trying to enforce rules against political messaging. Lacey got an apologetic call after his rant.

The newest school of news

A principal from Brampton was defended by her bosses after a photo from her first day on that job showed The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys on the desk. While it’s a completely credible book, attention to its placement was stoked by @6ixBuzzTV in the latest example of news driven by Instagram:

Rogers Media is breaking down Breakfast Television. Citytv’s morning franchise was cancelled in Montreal, while its iterations in Calgary and Vancouver were put on hold as the show is revamped with content from Toronto, requiring fewer staff. The original BT launched 30 years ago this week, but the cutbacks appear to reflect financial pressure at Rogers.

Finally, a farewell media tour

Mike Sloan, a prolific presence on Twitter via London, Ontario, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 anaplastic thyroid cancer, has been candid about his impending death. He’s shared details like an amusing memorial plaque that’s already on a boulder, while giving interviews: