Sunny ways get clouded over by the Taliban

Campaigning has new competition

While the PM imagined enthusiasm for Liberal plans would buoy the summer election, the crisis in Afghanistan are getting in the way. Justin Trudeau confirmed Canada has so far evacuated 807 refugees under a special immigration program. But recalling the dissolved parliament to debate things further is constitutionally impossible now.

The time of pectoral politics

Comparisons to handyman Mike Holmes greeted the image of Erin O’Toole muscularly posing on the cover of the Conservative party platform, with economic promises that include a month-long GST holiday. Meanwhile, an election ad from Justin Trudeau was noticed for blurring out protest signs criticizing police and racism.

A prime stretch of Queen Street could be closed for half a decade to build a new Toronto transit stop. The scoop from the Toronto Star exposed a proposal that would suspend traffic from Bay to Victoria streets in order to construct a new lower station for the Ontario Line. Space for an east-west line on Queen was first carved out in the 1950s.

The show Nixon never gave

Seven decades into his entertainment career, Rich Little launched this first show off Broadway for a socially distanced audience in masks. Trial on the Pontomac imagines an impeachment trial for Richard Nixon rather than his resignation. Promotion for the Ottawa native’s New York theatrical debut is leaning on Newsmax TV and Joe Piscopo:

The Weeknd has now spent the most weeks on the Hot 100 with one single. “Blinding Lights” reached 88 weeks on the big Billboard chart while staying in the top 20, eclipsing the 87 weeks of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. “Take My Breath,” the first single from his next album, has concurrently entered the list at number six.

Finally, a disinfected rock show

Arkells garnered enthusiastic reviews after ushering large concerts back to Toronto at the Budweiser Stage, where audiences were given rally towels sponsored by No Frills. The three-night stand also necessitated a psychological adjustment from concert-goers long deprived of the experience, which came with questions about possible risks: