Strippers seek reckoning over the lockdown

Ontario’s goal is to avoid another

Work Safe Twerk Safe is the group arguing in Ontario court this week that strippers were targeted when clubs were ordered closed last September, several weeks before locking down other bars. The speech from the throne at Queen’s Park stated an “ultimate goal” of preventing future lockdowns.

After the walk on the beach

Justin Trudeau’s office announced that he’s sorry for passing up invitations to honour the first Truth and Reconciliation Day in B.C. when he opted instead to vacation on the beach in Tofino. But there are Indigenous leaders who want him to be more public about the contrition before what may turn out to be the final season of PM Trudeau.

A “fake homecoming” at McMaster University culminated in a Mazda being flipped over. Seven folks face charges linked to the Hamilton gathering of nearly 5,000 people. Meanwhile at Western University, cops in London, Ontario, had no formal reports related to allegations of mass drugging and sexual assaults in a residence.

New wheels of corporate media

Soon after shaking up Sportsnet Radio stations to align with podcasts, Rogers made a different sudden switch at Toronto’s CHFI: Maureen Holloway is gone from mornings, while co-host Darren B. Lamb, missing in action since January, is now #happy. New hosts are coming soon for what already sounds like more integration of radio with TV:

Worrying about being cringe is the enemy of art, failure tolerance is essential for creativity.” Grimes responded to attention she received for holding Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto in public, which was portrayed as a comment on breaking up with Elon Musk. But she also clarified on an Instagram post, “I’m still living with e.”

Finally, following takes place

Kiefer Sutherland is now five years into a midlife music career that he concedes is a stereotypical sideline for an actor. Lockdown days are evidently to blame for the time to make a third album, called Bloor Street. The prospect of him returning to 24 will be preceded by a U.K. and European tour to promote his singing nostalgically of Toronto: