Street preachers caught in web of Spider-Man

Fighting words in Toronto streets

Whether or not it was the same old Spidey caught webbing at Queen and Spadina, our own familiar “Peter Parkour” unmasked himself to confront Torch of Christ members at Yonge and Dundas—which happened before the arrest of a street preacher in the Gay Village.

A tale of two national anthems

Golden State homers Metallica failed to frighten off the Raptors with a “Star-Spangled Banner” duel before Game 3 of the NBA Finals. But the performance drew a more favourable reaction than Weyburn, Saskatchewan native Tenille Arts got for singing “O Canada.”

The Beer Store contract gets defended by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. A trail of tweets from Ontario PCs wishing for corner store alcohol led business associations on both sides of the border to warn against breaking the 10-year monopoly deal with breweries.

We’ll continue the war right here

MPP Toby Barrett tried to one-up his beer-seeking PC colleagues by linking the freedom to debate variety store beer to the 75th anniversary of D-Day. But then he hit delete:

Elections Canada is spending $650,000 on influencers. From the Globe and Mail, a report on how the federal get-out-the-vote effort will involve paying 13 still-secret social media types, who signed contracts to stay neutral during the campaign, and for a year after.

Space and Bravo fizzle out

Two of the specialty channels launched by ChumCity in the mid-’90s will soon be rebranded, as announced last year. The new look is reminiscent of flavours of seltzer:

Canadian TV is grasping at every brand it can get. This week’s upfront announcements include Bell producing movies for Harlequin and Corus making a deal with Complex. More bewildering is what CBC is striving to do by hitching its fortunes to Family Feud Canada.

Finally, a restaurant closed on Mondays

GarfieldEATS has finally opened in Toronto, providing cat-headed pizza and an elaborate delivery app—although it soon ran out of food. Behind the venture is Nathen Mazri, who pledges allegiance to the cult of Garfield. And all of this is blessed by creator Jim Davis:

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