Stopping the steal of Republican rhetoric

Canada ponders life after Trump

Donald Trump getting banned from digital platforms, including Shopify, coincided with criticism for how Erin O’Toole was campaigning online, including a now-deleted Conservative link that accused Justin Trudeau of election rigging. Fallout from the U.S. Capitol riots also includes a London, Ontario, nurse suspended for going to D.C.

Soothing you into more rules

Ontario Green leader Mike Schreiner likened Doug Ford’s style to a game show host, heading into a weekend when more lockdown measures were being contemplated due to “fall off your chair” COVID-19 modelling numbers. But no announcements are expected till Tuesday.

Atlantic Canada avoided the pandemic travel scandals. The worst offender on the East Coast appeared to be a politician caught crossing provincial lines, compared to revelations that have led to Ontario hospital CEOs losing their jobs. Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that routes to Hawaii have proven popular beyond officials in Alberta.

Blowing off the lid arguments

Restaurant Brands International is currently basking in praise for the retro rebrand of Burger King, an overdue development for a chain that hasn’t been great at details like functional coffee lids. Cup mechanics are also making news at BK’s brother company, Tim Hortons, as a father and son allege their idea for a hands-free applicator was stolen:

Kathy Shaidle dead at 56. The pioneering Toronto blogger described herself as an “anarcho-peacenik” prior to a pursing a career as a a full-time poet. But she gained wide recognition as an extremely online right-winger. Shaidle also wrote about movies on Mark Steyn’s website and had a stint as “Ed Anger” of Weekly World News.

Finally, the keys for Lou Reed

Michael Fonfara, the Toronto pianist who died at age 74, became a member of the Downchild Blues Band after a run with Lou Reed, appeared on the first recorded iteration of Rough Trade, and performed “keyboard textures” on the Foreigner song “Urgent.” His earlier role in the band Electric Flag resulted in Fonfara co-writing the signature instrumental for a supergroup: