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Louis-Philippe Messier’s account of spending one entire day at the reopened Cinema L’Amour in Montreal is worthy of translation, with photos from the porn palace that was briefly allowed more patrons than any house of worship in Quebec. But the Rio Theatre in Vancouver is stuck cosplaying as a sports bar in protest of B.C. health policy.

The minister of shitposting

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan appears determined to outdo the federal Conservatives in the realm of governing via memes. The latest sick burn was about the Supreme Court sticking up for a carbon tax after Erin O’Toole found his party voting against a line about the reality of climate change. And so, Justin Trudeau is more confident about the upcoming budget.

Sportsnet salvages a morning duo dumped by TSN. Bell Media’s infamous good riddance to Vancouver sports radio has led to Mike Halford and Jason Brough restoring their show via Rogers. In turn, three other hosts were dumped by Sportsnet.

This week in the Raptors

Nick Nurse getting fined $50,000 for throwing his mask and swearing at a referee was soon followed by the team denying a report from The Athletic about Paskal Siakam getting fined $50,000 for a verbal altercation with the coach. Meanwhile, on his 35th birthday, Kyle Lowry found out that he might’ve prematurely sold his Toronto house:

Crown Lands are rushing into actual rock star status. The duo on the cover of the new Next Magazine further discuss how they were brought together by a love of Rush, after Kevin Comeau showed Cody Bowles the 2112 album cover tattoo on his butt. Comeau also recently realized his goal to be interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos.

Finally, another two-man band

Death From Above released their second album no longer requiring “1979” at the end of their name. But this time, rather than denying ties to the alt-right, the duo are getting headlines for revealing they turned down an earlier reunion opportunity from the now defunct Daft Punk. Is 4 Lovers debuted with a chat trapped in the Zoompocalypse: