“Stay home 😠” is now “stay home 😡”

The politics of going nowhere fast

The masked complexion of Quebec curfew stories may end up replicated in Ontario based on how the latter’s stay-at-home order is read by authorities. The more Doug Ford tries being straightforward with lockdown messaging, the more reaction takes the form of memes grappling with whether this means more than a new emoji.

The roads still being travelled

News about Canada letting in Meng Wanzhou’s family evidently prompted word of the two Michaels being allowed to call home. Meanwhile, firings over vacations led one hospital CEO to file a lawsuit, while another gets a sweet severance. And Radio-Canada’s head spent a month in Miami.

Consequently, my conclusion is that the CBC acted improperly by dismissing him for cause.” Ahmar Khan feels vindicated by this ruling on his union grievance, which explains the circumstances that led the CBC Manitoba reporter to get fired after a tweet condemning the poppy rant from Don Cherry, along with the fallout that followed.

Back into the Hype Machine

The glory days of the MP3-driven indie rock blogosphere had its primary Toronto exponent in Chromewaves, where web developer Frank Yang maintained an 11-year-and-four-month streak of hardly missing a day. And while this coverage has largely shifted to other platforms, Yang’s return to it after seven years is based at the old domain:

Postmedia reports a $52-million net profit, because it can. The quarterly report headlines are largely explained by the transfer of its employee retirement plan to a third-party administrator and emergency wage subsidies. And while the publisher still counts Paul Godfrey as non-executive chair, he’s moved into the online gambling game.

Finally, alright, all right, alt-right

Matthew McConaughey followed up his podcast interview with Mikhaila Peterson by doing one with her actually famous dad, in which the actor credited the professor with inspiring him to turn his journal entries into a book, Greenlights. The chat also initiated a new season of clickbait condemnations of Jordan Peterson—nature is healing, after all: