Speaking moistly before a newsletter break

Headlong into the strange holidays

The daily front porch updates from Justin Trudeau finally got an international meme moment worthy of a pre-coronavirus time. But the goal of flattening the curve will have to hold on to hope for the weeks ahead. Air Canada using the federal wage subsidy program to rehire 16,500 employees can also perhaps provide a reassuring sign.

The three dealers of Easter

Ontario’s premier enhanced his friendly new image by proclaiming that the Easter Bunny doesn’t need to stay home during the pandemic. Doug Ford and his Quebec counterpart, Francois Legault, are also letting the Tooth Fairy roam free. And the legal cannabis retailers forced shut in Ontario will reopen for pickup and delivery.

Jason Kenney tells Alberta to expect social distancing until the end of May. The premier addressed how economic ramifications are intertwined with COVID-19 for the province. Alberta was also early to declare school’s out until at least September.

What can’t Amazon take over?

The federal government signing an agreement with Amazon Canada to manage the distribution of medical equipment was destined to find some critics. But now that Amazon Prime Video is streaming COVID-19 news, they can always balance them out:

Hal Willner dead at 64. The longtime Saturday Night Live sketch music producer was also behind many multi-artist tribute albums and concerts: Kurt Weill, Harold Arlen and Daniel Lanois salutes staged in Toronto and the Neil Young tribute during the Vancouver Olympics. Willner also oversaw the Leonard Cohen encomium in Montreal.

This is not your beautiful house

Drake served up shots from inside his new mansion, while clad in a balaclava, during his new quarantine-times video for “Toosie Slide.” While the strategy of customizing a track for TikTok hasn’t proven as instantly popular as hoped, the Bridle Path rapper is now working another angle—showing off much more detail of this hometown estate:

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