Smart Cart rolls past the self-checkout line

Racing them is out of the question

Sobeys is using Oakville, Ontario, to roll out a trial of technology that puts a shopping surveillance system on wheels, which the grocer says isn’t about displacing human employees. Smart Cart maker Caper recently scored $10 million in funding for its AI.

Wake me up after you go-go

Seniors wouldn’t mind if it was just a toot when GO passes their building in Markham. Instead, they’re complaining about being woken by whistles blown by engineers at crossings that lack falling arms. The city and Metrolinx are trying to find a solution.

The trans protest rally will keep its distance from Meghan Murphy. Pride Toronto announced a gathering in the Gay Village area during the gender identity event at the Palmerston library—although on-site disruption has also elicited enthusiasm. Murphy counters that the outcome of the Vancouver waxing case vindicates her view.

Doug Ford came out of hiding

Ontario’s premier says that it’s “time to set politics aside” in favour of working with Justin Trudeau. Ford is nonetheless back to ranting about carbon tax, counter to his previous pledge before he laid low for a while:

Andrew Scheer now seems to be campaigning to remain Conservative leader. The opposition party is now pondering what they got wrong, and the inability of Scheer to shake a stubborn stance on social issues seems to loom large. A leadership review in April will calculate if Scheer stays, but there’s already a poll favouring his resignation.

Disinfo sleuths slip on #Wexit

CTV News posted a story based on data supplied by H+K Strategies that originally cited three Twitter accounts for disingenuously planting a Western separatist hashtag. Yet, the chatter reflects genuine sentiment: #Wexit was already circulating:

The price of pseudo-unlimited wireless data plans. Quarterly financial results from Rogers revealed that enthusiasm for the new $75 a month Infinite offerings has cut into revenue growth. Bell and Telus, which have similar plans that traded overage fees for data throttling beyond 10 GB, are expected to bear similar brunt to their profits.

Finally, he’ll get more sleep

Matt Galloway takes over as host of The Current on January 6, permanently replacing Anna Maria Tremonti, who’s pivoted to podcasting at the CBC. Metro Morning’s host since 2010 has just six weeks left to mention how early he rises every day: