Six feet of separation can’t stop a face-off

Politics in the time of a coronavirus

A parliamentary session ending at 5:52 a.m. resulted in the passage of Bill C-13, an emergency legislation to bring $82 billion worth of relief to Canadians affected by COVID-19. The extra time was due to opposition parties pushing back on the Liberal spending authority, in what Conservative MP Scott Reid branded a “Henry VIII Bill,” which he sought to fix.

Lights out for these roommates

Its overnight live feeds going dark was a pretty good clue that Big Brother Canada wasn’t going to claim essential media service status. And so, the reality show ordered all the houseguests to sit in their own homes, and will air two wrap-up episodes that reveal what they plan to do with the $100,000 prize, as the season ends with no winner.

Doug Ford’s daughter reset her masked ambitions. While a pivot from bodybuilder bikinis to “Last Resort” coverings was offline for a time, Krista Haynes returned to explain her motivations for selling non-medical-grade masks, primarily to dissuade the touching of one’s own face. But she’s also hardly alone in making them for the fashion.

Reasons for the layoff season

Three weeks after Vancouver’s Georgia Straight officially changed hands, new owner Media Central dismissed some staffers via email, laying blame on COVID-19. The pandemic was also cited for the 12-week layoff of 250 employees from the Saltwire Network chain in Atlantic Canada, while consolidating some newspaper operations:

CBC News backpedals on its local TV show suspensions. A nightly segment on CBC News Network promises to temporarily appease viewers (and politicians) who saw national coronavirus coverage as an excuse to stop servicing specific markets. Local newscasts will be restored on the main stations over the course of the next week.

Finally, a right honourable ratio

Adrienne Clarkson is 50 years past that time when, as the host of Take 30 on CBC, she discussed a virus from Hong Kong travelling across the planet. Now, she’s advising you to dress for the office each day and to not forget to make your bed. The blowback on those tweets was surely harsher than the former governor general expected to get: