Shopping centres were watching you look

The mall cops who learned to code

Five million shoppers’ images collected by Cadillac Fairview were investigated by Canada’s privacy commissioner, which concluded there was a lack of consent in how 12 malls were being monitored. The real estate company denied the pictures were being captured or retained after code from a kiosk in Calgary was exposed on Reddit.

The greater degree of scrutiny

An edit to Canada Christian College’s controversial application for university status was noticed by the Ontario NDP, which revealed that the college’s founding McVety family has taken more than $800,000 cash from the school. It’s raised more questions about Doug Ford’s appeasement to social conservatives, including an unmasked MPP.

CBC veterans join the pile-on against more branded content. Adrienne Clarkson and Peter Mansbridge are among more than 400 current and former staff condemning CBC Tandem, an initiative that integrates advertising with news. The plan was paused after initial plugs for promotional podcasts designed to resemble CBC Radio shows.

A record of Canadian isolation

After his initial two-week quarantine outside Vancouver, where he resides with wife Diana Krall and their sons, Elvis Costello apparently hasn’t left the country after being yanked off a U.K. tour. During this time, songs he recorded in Helsinki and Paris in February were turned into Hey Clockface, an album now being promoted in the style of 2020:

Spitting on this discount Canadian flick about David Bowie in 1971. Stardust had its trailer shared to international ridicule—as star Johnny Flynn wrote an awful pseudo-Bowie song in lieu of acquiring real ones. The movie got initial attention due to Marc Maron noting a “ragtag parade of frenetic sadness” while his parts were being shot in Hamilton.

Finally, don’t switch the blade

“Sunglasses at Night” provided the soundtrack to a virtual fashion show from luxury fashion house Balenciaga, albeit in the form of an extremely Euro cover version that’s eight-and-a-half minutes long. But it also led to Corey Hart getting a call from Vogue to contemplate how a song he initially wrote about a wet cigarette will never die: