Shark says he was slugged for naming Trump

While the Raptors ponder America

His team didn’t qualify for NHL bubble games, but the San Jose Sharks captain scored attention for his thoughts on U.S. politics—even though Logan Couture is a Canadian citizen. Meanwhile, in the NBA, some of the Toronto Raptors are considering a boycott in response to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Chair Girl chronology challenge

While the sequence of her Instagram posts suggest she visited Bora Bora and Tahiti in mid-August then failed to quarantine in Toronto upon returning, Marcella Zoia disputed the interpretation by claiming the trip took place earlier. This wouldn’t be the first time Chair Girl sowed confusion regarding time and space on social media.

Mark Carney will be preoccupied with alternative asset management for a while. Brookfield has hired the former governor of the Bank of Canada and Bank of England to work on a group of funds with positive social and environmental outcomes in mind. The job curbs speculation that he’ll run as a Liberal in a potential Toronto byelection.

Bringing out the blueprints

Leslyn Lewis followed her formidable showing in the Conservative leadership contest with a promise to run for a seat in an upcoming federal election. Since her social conservative views played best in Saskatchewan and Alberta, a higher profile for Lewis would reflect Erin O’Toole’s goal of pitching the blue tent over divisive details:

The Crisis in Canadian Media and the Future of Local Broadcasting.” A study commissioned by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters projects that as many as 40 local television outlets and 200 radio stations could close due to COVID-19. The prospect gives private broadcasters more reason to promote fewer future subsidies to the CBC.

Finally, the THC-free time trip

Keanu Reeves transcended Toronto couch-surfer status with the 1989 success of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, whose second sequel will test the new cinematic reality. But in the course of promoting Bill & Ted Face the Music, its star clarified that he and Alex Winter play characters who have a “nice lookout on life” that doesn’t need weed: