Seeking a new separation from Pierre Trudeau

A smoking gun from 45 years ago

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#New An online petition calling for Montreal's Trudeau airport to be renamed is garnering signatures. proposes YUL - named after former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau - be renamed after the founder of the Parti Québécois, René Lévesque. Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lars Hagberg

Aéroport International René-Lévesque is being proposed as a new name for Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport, in response to revelations that the elder PM may have asked Paul Desmarais to move jobs out of Quebec in 1976. But federal politicians aren’t into being distracted by renaming monuments now, citing a desire to focus on getting Canadians vaccinated.

Dance like someone is watching

Dancing on ice drew virtual crowds to viral choreographer Gurdeep Pandher, having gotten his first jab upon growing support for the idea that the second one can wait four months. But compared to several other provinces and Ontario cities, the vaccination rollout is going slower in Toronto, where the current lockdown state has hit 100 days.

Super Channel wants set-top boxes to stop being sold in Alberta. The pay-TV network first filed a lawsuit in September 2019, alleging that four retailers touted Android devices as a way to freely watch stuff it pays for Canadian rights to. Super Channel is now seeking to block their sale, arguing that the boxes also carry malware.

The JBP review of reviewers

Having backed off from unfriendly interviewers, Jordan Peterson’s Beyond Order book promotion involves podcast chats with Tim Ferriss and Dave Rubin, bringing then more of a personal backstory. But it also means being reviewed through more of a celebrity lens, like a fairly honest appraisal from the pages of The Atlantic:

Jahmil French dead at 29. Best known for playing attention-seeking student Dave Turner on Degrassi: The Next Generation from 2009 to 2013, the Toronto actor also co-starred in the Montreal-set 2017 movie Boost and U.S. Netflix series Soundtrack. Two other Degrassi franchise cast members died in their 30s: Neil Hope and Mony Yassir.

Finally, before the bath towel

Mouth Congress is the gay punk band Paul Bellini and Scott Thompson started in 1984, but the angst was soon channeled into writing and performing with Kids in the Hall. The cassette legacy of their project was recently uploaded online, prior to a documentary debut delayed from last year, during the Kingston Canadian Film Festival: