Secret party faces six figures of retribution

Patrick Brown is laying down the law

Valet parking provided Brampton, Ontario, neighbours with a hint that something was up at a house party where as many as 200 attendees allegedly were told to keep things off social media. Mayor Patrick Brown says a $100,000 fine is the maximum penalty facing the property owner. His city currently is waiting for gathering limits to increase to 50.

An interview with two tapings

The House interviewed Erin O’Toole about what he hopes to do if voted Conservative leader. But his response criticizing commercial CBC ventures like Family Feud Canada and its online competition with newspapers didn’t make the final cut. Meanwhile, rival Peter MacKay offered a strangely edited voter instruction video.

You Can Respond to Hate with Hate or Convert it to a Teaching Moment. We Chose the Latter.” Annamie Paul, who’s trying to make history as a Black Jewish woman running for leader of the federal Greens, wrote about her experience being interrupted by racist slurs during a Zoom debate that was watched by her two sons.

Hot dogs enter a bigger league

A chance that the Toronto Blue Jays would land in Baltimore for 2020 home games was halted when an earlier notion that they’d play in Buffalo became reality. But required upgrades for major-league play means that won’t happen until August 11 against the Miami Marlins—which is the first team with a COVID-19 outbreak. In the meantime, the stadium sponsor is excited about its chance:

Eddie Shack dead at 83. The recent news that the Toronto Maple Leafs legend was in palliative care due to cancer brought on nostalgia for his playing heyday. Shack’s four Stanley Cup wins were followed by years of personal branding: from selling Christmas trees to his own doughnut chain to pitching for the Pop Shoppe and Journey’s End.

Finally, these are their problems

Letterkenny launched in the U.S. two years ago, via Hulu, and it was gaining sleeper-hit status until a live show featuring its rural Ontario characters was halted after just one American date. But ahead of the premiere of its ninth season, this dirtbag comedy has gained praise in a highbrow literary outlet: